My detailed research reports include a research log, analysis of relevant sources, research findings, further research recommendations, and copies of related documents.

Cost: $40 per hour

Adoption, Finding Family, DNA Analysis:

DNA testing can answer questions that documents alone cannot from finding biological family to breaking through brick walls in your family research. This service includes a research report (see above).

Cost: $40 per hour


I am happy to share my knowledge and experience. I offer in-person coaching in the Boise, Idaho area or virtual coaching through Google Hangouts or Zoom if you live farther away.

Cost: $50 per hour

Group Presentations:

I give lectures on the following topics:

  • Getting the Most out of the Census
  • How a Research Log Makes Your Research More Productive

I am open to suggestion, contact me with a subject your group is interested in.

Cost: $100 per hour, for groups within an hour of Nampa, Idaho.