In today’s world of genealogical research, DNA testing is the fastest way to find family members all over the world. Heritage Genealogy Services has the expertise and training to make those connections for individuals seeking their family. With an AA in Family History Research and completion of additional training in Genetic Genealogy, Carolyn Halladay is ready to take on challenging adoptee cases as well as traditional research questions.

Carolyn searched diligently for information on my grandfather and his family. The report she provided was well documented and well written. It answered several questions I had and provided important background. I appreciated the work she did to add source citations to Family Search, which helped me share the information with other family members. I highly recommend Carolyn, her work is very professional.

Linda C.

I was so impressed and delighted when I received my ancestry files from Carolyn! She painstakingly researched my great grandfather’s travels from Friesland, The Netherlands, to New York City and then the Midwest. She even found all our Dutch relatives going back to the 1600s! Another gem she unearthed was a newspaper article describing my Grandfather and Grandmother’s wedding-down to the robin egg blue dress my Grandmother wore and everyone who attended. I also appreciated how Carolyn research the history of Holland to discover the reasons my ancestors made the decision to come to America. Thanks to the well-written history, extensive names of family members, and even colorful charts, my great-grandfather’s story came to life. I made copies of all her findings and shared them with my mother and three siblings. Everyone was impressed at how carefully and thoroughly Carolyn researched. I look forward to hiring her again to uncover the history of my father’s ancestors next!

Carla M.

Carolyn, I have never had any experience with a genealogist before I engaged you to research my grandparents from Lithuania. What a pleasant surprise this ride through the past was! Thank you so much for enlightening me about my family history. Your thorough and persistent research amazed me! A beautifully concise and complete summery was the culmination of a job well done. You uncovered details that I would have never thought possible. I would highly recommend your service to anyone looking to find their genealogy. Thank you again. A very satisfied customer.

David G.